Books You Must Have for Commerce Board Exams

Tired of studying the NCERT books and still not getting satisfactory marks? For all the dedicated students out there if you had trouble finding the best study material for your exams we got you covered. In fact, we have the best choices for you which will help you ace your board exams.

Reference books provide additional knowledge and aid in more practice to train the mind for exams. To get a better understanding of the correlation between the theory and the application and the way these theories work in reality, one should have wide knowledge about the subject.

Following are the top reference books for a commerce board exam aspirant;


It’s one of the most scoring subjects and the following books will help you ace your examination with more than 90%

  • RD-SHARMA: One of the best books for preparing tough previous year questions. All the questions are well explained through illustrations and also include unsolved questions
  • S. Aggarwal: It provides step by step explanation of each question and also includes concepts of each topic for better understanding. They have a wide variety of questions.

Accountancy is considered as one of the most important subjects of the commerce stream and is equally scoring if prepared well.

  • S. Grewal’s Double Entry Book Keeping: Ample illustrations, diagrams, formats and tables for a better understanding of the subject. Higher Order Thinking Skills Questions and Very Short Answer Type Questions along with their answers in each chapter .Weightage to each topic according to the marks and periods allotted by the CBSE
  • Accountancy Class – 12 by D. K. Goel: All solutions have been designed by their expert faculty based on the latest textbook for the current academic year. It helps you to get accurate easy to understand solutions to your accounts related problems.

Business Studies is one of the core subjects of commerce curriculum.

  • SUBHASH DEY: The language of this book is easy to understand. Pictures and HOTS question helps in providing a better understanding of the concepts.
  • ALKA DHAWAN CASE STUDIES: This book contains all the different types of possible case studies along with the past year’s question paper.

Economics is essential to understand the workings of a country and will also help you in making your own choices. Here are some books to help you make the subject of economics your strength!

  • Sandeep Garg: Sandeep Garg’s Books are the best for students. It explained each topic in a language which was easy to learn and infer.
  • Jain and VK. Ohri: Their Solutions are regarded as a helpful resource for exam preparation.

English should be prepared in the most functional manner. Students should read the lessons and be sure of the theme, characters, and value points.

  • BBC Compacta English: For practicing more questions and samples this is the best book.

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